General Tips about Bull Terrier breed

Bull Terrier is a dog breed originating from England and relating to Terriers family. Terriers is a group of dogs meant for  baiting of rodents and animal hunting.
In none of the classifications this dog breed relates to the notion - "fighting dog". Moreover, FCI relates these dogs to 3rd group (Terriers), for 3rd section (Bulldog type Terriers).

Bull Terrier's character

Bull Terrier is a dog not for every dog owner. This dog is a personality with unique character and huge fortitude, playing very important part in his owner's life. Would you like to have a dog that is joyful and active, cheerful and curious, agile and playful, sensible and devoted, loving and attached to its owner? Or you would like to have a dog, that will be stubborn and headstrong, presuming and fearless, masterful and seeking domination, as well as inclined to destructive behavior? Those people who accept and deal with negative traits of Bull Terrier, get much more benefit in comparison with loss, due to the great amount of positive features of this breed. True devotion, loyalty and tenderness to its owner combine with amusing curiosity, joviality and staggering sense of humor. Thanks to these great traits, Bull Terrier becomes a friend for life. Living together and watching him is the biggest pleasure, that you will be never bored with, because Bull Terrier thinks up something new all the time!

Bull Terriers are friendly with people and like to play with children. Without special training they will never show aggression to strangers. They love their owners and are very devoted to family and often suffer from loneliness. This breed is absolutely unaccommodated to keeping it on the leash in the doghouse. Bull Terrier loves his owner so much, that can drive him crazy. He will be always lying at his feet, on his knees or anywhere he is allowed to, this dog will follow his owner and will be trying to help every minute! At any time Bull Terrier is ready to come with his owner, no matter where he is going to.

Generally, breeders do not recommend for physically weak people, inexperienced dog handlers or those who just have no time to train the dog  to keep a Bull Terrier. Actually, it refers only to those who have no time for breeding a dog. Even if you are a beginner and ready to devote you life to your dog, then it won't be a bad idea to start with a Bull Terrier. Physically not strong people can also handle this dog, as even a child can handle a good-mannered dog. But if you have no time or will then this dog is not for you!

Bull Terrier Breeding

You should pay special attention to breeding. As a rule Bull Terriers have their own point of view on the situation, they are stubborn and persistent in gaining their goals, very inventive and skillful. It won't be difficult for the owner to reach understanding and to establish certain rules of behavior through love and patience. In spite of the well-established opinion, Bull Terrier can be trained and it depends only from the owner whether to breed an uncontrollable aggressor or obedient peaceful companion, wagging his tail.

Bull Terrier maintenance

Bull Terriers are very easy to manage. No additional skills or knowledge different from keeping of other dogs are required. Since the representatives of this breed are very devoted to their owners, many hygienic procedures like comb-out or ear cleaning is taken with delight. Bull Terrier will lie blissfully and will let you do everything you want.

Bull Terriers easily get used to life in apartments. Thanks to the small sizes, they can be easily kept in city flats. They like comfort and warmth, love sofas, armchairs and beds (mostly their owner's one), but at the same time, these dogs are very active and need physical loads as well as long walks.

Nowadays Bull Terriers mostly used for hunting, as rescue dogs and for rehabilitation of disabled children, they often participate sports like agility and weight pulling.

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