Triumphant progress of Bull Terrier in the dog world

Bull Terrier is an old English breed. The name itself says of the origin from the two radically different sources. Bull - says about Bulldog ancestor, Terrier - emphasizes that this dog belongs to a large family of British terriers. It would be quite logical conclusion to say that Bull Terrier is a cross breed. Many dog ​​owners are quite surprised when a proud fan of Bull Terrier emphasizes that this breed as a single, systematically bred one is much older than almost all known German dog breeds. The Bull Terrier breed, as a separate one, has already appeared in cynological literature and on old engravings in 1820. His triumphant progress in the dog world, he has made in the center of the Birmingham Black Country in about 1860 after James Hinks, the father of the modern Bull Terrier managed to establish this type of breed so that its clear outlines start from that time.

Dog breeding in the 19th century quite differed from that of the 20th century, primarily because of the fact that in the 19th century at the forefront were the dog's advances, which were for personal good of dog breeders, thus they often neglected the external picture of the breed. In the 20th century, on the contrary, at the forefront of dog breeding was the external form, a single, anatomically uniform breed type, but unfortunately, dog breeders often neglect the essential features of the dogs for setting certain goals for their everyday activity. The origin of Bull Terrier dogs is connected with dog fighting, as it was an incredibly popular entertainment for people in the 19th century in old England. Nowadays, civilized people can hardly imagine to what extent a fierce dog fights spread throughout the British Isles, and then went through other countries all over the world.

There needed a very special breed for dogfights. Passion for the game and fight, strength, courage, tolerance to pain and endurance - were the main conditions to stand the fight on the ring. Moreover, four-legged gladiators should be small and capable, active and dexterous to be able to fight with necessary speed. However, the build of the dog was only on the second place, more important was fighting force, skills and successful training. This dogfight lasted relentlessly round after round, it was carried out according to prescribed rules, it could last for hours. One can hardly imagine that passion for competition and vanity of the dog owners promoted such a violence. It is important to know that after all the breed of Bull Terrier came out of these dogfights.

The crucial thing for us is that Bull Terrier nature has determined in the selection of more than 100 generations of dogs, and it is significantly different from other dogs. The main aim was to create an intelligent dog with iron will, which is ready to fight at any time and which was ready to die.

Moreover, it was very important that fighting dog should always be gentle and in no case direct its fury against human, otherwise with all its power and danger, man could not bend it to his will.

Bulldog and white English Terrier are the two main roots, which Bull Terrier originated from. However, Dalmatian should be also mentioned as he had a great influence on this breed too. Due to Dalmatian genes Bull Terrier owns the build, suitable for long-run trot.