• Model: TE54#1090 Fire Hose Bite Tug(10x60cm)

Huge Bite Tug for Training Adult Bull Terrier Dogs


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English Bull Terrier Fire Hose Bite Tug with 2 Handles for Training

Are you tired of silly and useless tools for your Bull Terrier’s training? Save your nerves and money! Try this bite tug, made of fire hose – extremely strong and durable material. It has 2 nylon handles, which are fixed due to the handcrafted stitching. The stitching was made very carefully and only on the edges, thus the body of the bite tug is solid and time-proof.

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English Bull Terrier bite tug made of eco-friendly material for training

English Bull Terrier huge fire hose bite tug for training adult dogs

Huge fire hose bite tug for training adult English Bull Terrier dogs

Long bite tug with handles for training adult English Bull Terrier dogs

Key features of this English Bull Terrier Bite Tug:

  • stitched manually
  • equipped with two handles
  • pet-friendly stuffing
  • safe-for-the-dog materials
  • non-toxic

Intended use of this English Bull Terrier Bite Tug:

  • adult dog training
  • playing
  • bite work
  • retrieve item
  • prey drive training


  • width - 3 1/5 inch (8 cm)
  • length - 24 inch (60 cm)


  • fire hose

Check the advantages of this English Bull Terrier large bite tug:

- It is safe-for-the-dogs-to-bite item, which is made of real fire hose material and stuffed with non-toxic filler;
- Suitable for training adult Bull Terrier dogs;
- Comfortable using is provided due to the long shape and strong nylon handles;
- Careful handcrafted stitching for better durability;
- Opportunity to use for different activities with your dog, including prey drive, retrieve and bite training.

Please, note!
This tug is not a chew toy; please, be attentive and do not leave your beloved pet with this tug without supervision. Otherwise, it won’t serve you for years.

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