• Model: M90##1090 Wire basket Muzzle leather padded

Easily Adjustable Well-Fitting Wire Cage Bull Terrier Muzzle


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Extra Comfortable Wire Cage Dog Muzzle for English Bull Terrier

Looking for safe and comfortable muzzle for your dog? Tired of non-fitting muzzles, that irritate your dog's attention? Let your dog experience this muzzle, as it will not only protect your Bull Terrier from different undesirable consequences, but will help you socialize and train your dog safely! As any caring dog owner it is you who has to provide your pet with all necessary equipment, both safe and comfortable.

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  • Bull Terrier snug wire muzzle with inside paddingImproved comfort wire muzzle
  • Wire Cage Bull Terrier Muzzle with soft paddingSpecial leather plate for nose protection

Key features of this Bull Terrier Muzzle:

  • Steel chrome plated wire
  • Improved adjustability for better fit
  • Leather plate for nose protection
  • Inside soft felt padding
  • Perfect design for many activities
  • 100% full grain leather
  • Securely stitched and riveted for durability

Intended use of this Bull Terrier Muzzle:

  • Obedience training
  • Safe walking
  • Public places visiting
  • Vet clinic visits
  • Transportation

Sizes available:

  • Over 10 sizes available

Available colors:

  • Black

How to measure your Bull Terrier for good fit muzzle:

How to measure your dog
Length: Distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches
Circumference: Around snout one inch below eye line in inches
Eye Line: Distance from eye line to the point right behind the ears
Neck Circumference: Circumference around neck behind ears in inches
Width: Snout width in the widest part
Height: Snout height , should be measured with mouth a little open

Don't miss your chance to learn more about the advantages of this muzzle!

  1. Peerless Design. Walking, training and playing with your dog, what else you need? Safety of people around and yours during training sessions? Get this muzzle and you will not only feel confident about safety, but your dog will be protected from different unfavourable results.

  2. Comfort has never been improved so far! Special inside padding made of soft felt will give your dog incredible comfort! Front leather plate will save your dog's nose during training, as well as from picking up different objects from the ground.

  3. Perfect Air-flow. Comfy muzzle with good air circulation, isn't it what you were looking for? Inspite of the inside padding and front plate, there is still enough space for your dog to breathe and pant freely. It is especially important during training sessions?

  4. Snug fit. All leather straps are easily adjustable and don't stretch. Thus, you will be able to fit the muzzle perfectly to your dog's sizes. Please note, the straps will not give you a big range of adjustment, so please provide us with accurate measurements, thus we will be able to send you the best fitting size.

  5. Superior Quality Material. This muzzle is made of 100% dog safe materials. Steel chrome plated wire will not rust and will serve your dog for a long time. All leather parts are stitched and riveted together for longer lifespan.

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