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The Bull Terrier is a strongly built, muscular dog.
The body is well round with a short strong back. The head is long and strong, oval looking in shape, almost flat at the top, sloping evenly down to the nose with no stop.
The nose is black. The eyes are almond-shaped, small and deep-set, dark in color. The ears are small, thin and close together. The long neck is very muscular, with robust shoulders.
The tail is set low and on the short side carried horizontally. The coat is dense, short, flat and harsh to the touch. The AKC recognizes two color varieties, the White Bull Terrier and the Colored Bull Terrier.
The White Bull Terrier is allowed to have colored markings on the head, but no where else on the body.
The Colored Bull Terriers may be black, brindle, black-brindle, red, fawn and tri-color with white markings.
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